College for Kids

Meridian, Miss. Meridian Community College's 15th Annual College for Kids started this week.

More than 600 children have the opportunity to choose from 40 different classes where they learn skills and techniques.

The kids have the chance to be on a college campus. The goal of the program is to help make learning fun for the children.

"And it's just a great opportunity for the kids in our community to have something extra to do in the summertime," said coordinator Tanya Thompson.

"I like it because it's so fun and you get to try all different things, like creepy crawly creatures, and crowns, gowns, and runways," said Chandler Hogan. "It's really cool."

"In junior police you just watch videos and in creepy crawlies we go out and find insects," said Justus Willis.

Two of the new classes this year are Football 101 and Zoom Rocket Science. The program continues Friday and then next week.