Combating Heat Related Illnesses

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Meridian, Miss. Summer brings about many activities that draw people to the outdoors. After all, the cooler months of the year force many to stay inside. The Neshoba County Fair draws thousands of people to East Central Mississippi and with extreme heat expected during Sunday, it could possibly take a toll on those attending the fair. While the worse of the heat is experienced during the afternoon hours, it's always important to limit your activities outside during those hours of the day, that being from around noon until about 5 p.m.

With extreme heat, it can take a toll on your body in a matter of time and there are things you can do to stay safe and cool. While outside during the heat of the day always make sure you drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated. Limit your activities in the sun and find things to do in the shade where it can be about 10 degrees cooler. If you do happen to be outside mowing or working in the yard, wrap a towel in ice and wrap it around your neck so you'll stay cool. Getting too hot can trigger a heat stroke. If at any point you begin to get to hot or dizzy, go inside and cool down and if conditions get worse, contact a doctor.

Make sure to not only protect yourself, but your plants and animals as well. For your animals, make sure they have plenty of water and water your plants in the morning and in the evening, following the mini heat wave.