Commissioners Make Final Preps For Election

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Lauderdale County's 5 Election Commissioners are taking Sunday off as a final day of rest before Tuesday's election. They trained poll workers the last week of October, District 5 Elections Commissioner Jeff Tate says that they have been focusing on logistics for Lauderdale County's 48 precincts up until Saturday.

"We've been packing our ballot boxes for our poll workers to come get Monday to take to the precincts on election day."

With Monday being the final day the Elections Commission has possession of the precinct boxes until after the election, they will be spending all day going through a checklist to verify everything is in order and nothing got left out.

"The day before the election we're going to go through each box making sure that each precinct will have all the supplies they need for the election."

Come Tuesday, the trained poll workers will work the front lines of the election, greeting voters, signing them in, and helping out with any problems, but all 5 commissioners will be ready to step in at a moment's notice.

"That entire time we are on call to help them incase they are missing any supplies, if any machines are breaking down on them we are there for the poll workers.

These commissioners prepare for months to ensure a smooth, clean election, and many citizens feel that everyone should exercise their right to vote.

"My voice can be heard and my vote can actually count, so that's why I wanted to vote."

"If you don't vote, then you don't have a voice to say anything about what's going on in the world."

"Everybody get out and vote because your vote does count!."