Community Had Requested Traffic Light for Busy Intersection

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Enterprise Police Chief Randy Boykin died Tuesday morning after being hit by a car while directing school traffic at Highway 513 and River Road. Now, people in the town are coming forward to say they've been asking for a traffic light at that very intersection for years.

Officials in Enterprise say they have requested a light due to the amount of traffic when students are arriving and departing.

"We have requested a street light, a red light, up here at the intersection where the accident happened," said Enterprise Mayor Larry Murray. "We've petitioned MDOT, you know, several times and they've told us, you know, that it wasn't enough traffic in there."

Officials say the traffic is worst at the location during school times, Monday through Friday.

"What people need to do is come down to Enterprise Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 8 a.m. and in the afternoons when the school turns out," said Murray. "They need to come and see the traffic that we have right here."

Murray also says Enterprise High School suggested that the police department place a traffic guard at that location.
Chief Boykin had done so for the past four years and has had some close calls prior to Tuesday.

Enterprise school superintendent, Rita Windham, says there are over a thousand students.

"This has been a terrible tragedy, but I would hope that we would be able to get some type of caution light, some type of red light, stop sign, anything would help control that traffic," Windham said.

MDOT told Newscenter 11 the department is looking into the situation and will be sending personnel out to do more research.