Community Reaches Out to Louisville

Meridian, Miss. Thanks to an outpouring of support from the community on Friday, donations of all sorts will be making their way to the areas hardest hit in Louisville.

First Baptist Church in Collinsville is leading an effort to get needed goods to our neighbors in Louisville as they recover from an Apr. 28 tornado. WTOK-TV partnered with the church in collecting essential items. The WTOK atrium was filled with kindness Friday as people delivered countless cases of bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and much more.

"Well, I would just hope that somebody would do this for us if it come our way," Kerri Clearman said. "And right now, they don't have nothing and we have everything. So, it just really made me want to go and do something for them."

It all started when the youth director at First Baptist Church in Collinsville decided to collect a few items to help the people of his hometown. Then, a few other church members decided to join in. Before long, the church partnered with WTOK and the community support has been overwhelming.

"One of the things in this community, we've been blessed," Celois Vaughn said. "And it's not luck, we've been blessed. And God would like us to bless someone else. And a lot of the things we bought were from my MVSU Alumni Association. We decided last night in our meeting that we would do this and it's been a blessing for us."

In fact, we actually received so many donations here at WTOK in downtown Meridian that we ended up closing down the donation site early in order for our crews to transport all of the donations to Collinsville.

"I just, I'm blessed to have what I have," Clearman added. "And I'm glad that I'm able to help them."

The church will be delivering the items to Winston County on Saturday.