Community Shred Day Aims to Stop Identity Theft

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The sound of papers shredding could be heard at the Bonita Walmart as locals properly disposed of old documents. Organizers of the Community Shred Day say they are trying to help keep identity theft down and to make area residents aware of the dangers that lurk.

"It's the first step towards fighting identity theft and avoiding identity theft," investigator Jack Rodenbaugh says. "People need to be aware that their personal information can be used by other people for identity theft. By shredding documents to contain that information, that's the best step you can take to not become a victim."

The event wasn't just targeted towards residents in Meridian and East Mississippi. People even made the drive from West Alabama. Experts say most people don't even realize the problems that can occur by dropping personal documents in the trash can.

"You don't think about material paper and your confidential information and then you throw it in the trash and think it's just going to end there," according to Carlos Bodan with Shred It. "It's very important because theres a lot of risks with the paper you generate or that you receive."

Organizers say it's really a simple process to properly dispose of important papers and it only takes a few short minutes of your time. For more information, call Shred It at 251-343-9212.