Community Works to Combat Litter Problem

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Meridian, Miss. The City of Meridian continues to become more beautiful and litter free as community members step up and combat a growing litter problem. Several citizens along with a few of the council members, gathered on the corner of 16th Avenue and 16th Street to tackle and clean up community roads. With the litter not disappearing overnight, the community sees it as a step in making the city more presentable.

"I think it's a real good thing for the city because you can see what some of these lots look like," said volunteer David Labutka. "After we're done with it, I think it's a real big improvement for the area that we're doing it in."

Ever since the community clean up started, several citizens have lent a hand not only to clean the city up, but to strive to make a difference through their actions. One local outreach ministry had members on hand to show that together the community can work towards making a difference.

"Our theme for this year is becoming more visible and making a difference in our city and our community one project at a time, just by being a light," said Frankie Haynes of Agape Outreach Ministry. "So that's what we're doing, we're just out being more visible and making a difference in our community because you know we live here, this is our community."

The idea is not just that the community will become more beautiful through the cleanup, but that it will remain clean through the efforts of everyone working together to combat the problem.

"If you ever see that commercial where someone does a good deed, then someone else sees it, then they do a good deed and so on, i think that's what's happening here," said Labutka. "I think if people see us doing this, they are going to think well look someone really cares about this city and maybe we should care a little more too."

With weed eaters humming, the sound of rakes raking, and the ground become more visible, the few who gathered together today to clean up the community, hope it's a building block for others to follow.