Computer Luring Arrest

Another arrest has been made as part of an ongoing investigation into adults soliciting sex from minors in Lauderdale County. A week after three other men were taken into custody, 52-year-old Michael Sanders of Meridian was also charged with one count of computer luring.

"This is a problem throughout our society. One of the things that we want to say is for parents to know that they have to be engaged and they should be paying attention to the friends that they have on the various social medias out there."

At this time, Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says investigators cannot release much information about Sander's case. However, he says Sanders is accused of soliciting sex from a minor over the Internet.

"These individuals, who typically are attempting to make contact with younger people, start off being very friendly. They typically are not aggressive. They typically try to become a friend to someone, to be that listening ear that young people may sometimes not have in their life and they make the effort over time to make that young person feel comfortable with them."

As the investigation into this type activity continues, Calhoun says more arrests are possible.

"We'll just put them on notice, if you're going to do this type of activity, if we get leads from the community or we discover it through mechanisms we have through working with the attorney general's office which has a special cyber crimes unit, we'll work that case up and we'll make an arrest."

Bond for Michael Sanders was set at $10,000. Since his arrest Friday he has been released from jail. His case is expected to be presented to the next grand jury in March.