Computers, Instruments Stolen from Local High School

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Lauderdale County, Miss. The start of school was hindered for students at one local school after a burglary there overnight.

The burglary was discovered before the school day started at Clarkdale High School on Wednesday. Officials say the burglars got away with mainly laptop computers and musical instruments. The cabinet that stores the laptops in the math and sciences building now sits empty.

"Although they did not vandalize the building, they definitely did some damage by getting into classrooms, prying them open," Clarkdale Principal Cheryl Thomas says.

In addition to the laptop computers, Principal Thomas tells Newscenter 11 the burglars also stole the money being collected in this jar to help children fighting life-threatening illnesses. Thomas says these baseball bats were also taken, but recovered across the street. This is significant because one bat was signed by Dylan Mabry, who was killed in a car crash this past spring.

Investigators from the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department spent part of the day on campus, trying to piece together any clues that may point to a suspect or suspects.

"We have had a good lead we are working with," Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says. "We're not sure about it, investigators are checking on that. Of course, we always want anyone to contact us if there's any information that they may have."

Due to the fact that the crime scene had to be processed, Principal Thomas tells us students were kept in the gymnasium until the end of 2nd period while authorities conducted an investigation.

"We informed them what happened," Thomas recalls. "We stressed that this is their school, these were there things that were taken. We appreciate all the community does for educators and our schools. And they realize it was a difficult situation, but they were able to get back in class."

Both investigators and school officials are hoping someone will come forward with information about this case. If you have any information, you can call Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860. You can remain anonymous.