Concert Raises Money for COFO Building

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On Saturday night, the Temple Theater played host to a gospel concert to raise money to help restore one of Meridian's most historic buildings.

The performance, benefiting the Council of Federated Organizations building, which housed the former COFO office. During the 1960's, that office served as a hub for four prominent civil rights organizations of that time. Of course, that includes three civil rights workers who were slain in Neshoba County in 1964.

"And we got a grant from the archives," Civil Rights Activist Roscoe Jones says. "History and archives and it's for $210,000, so we have to raise $52,000 for the match. So this is what we're doing now. "

The COFO building is located on 5th Street in downtown Meridian, which is the heart of the city's African American district.