Congressman Harper Shares Military Concerns

As tensions are boiling over in the East, the world is waiting to see whether the United States will strike Syria. Newscenter 11 spoke with Congressman Gregg Harper on his opinion on the conflict. Harper says the use of chemical warfare on innocent civilians is an unacceptable crime against humanity.

"Syria is certainly something that concerns us all, and first of all, the deaths of citizens by chemical weapons, innocent women, children, men, is unacceptable," Congressman Harper said. "We know that."

However, he is concerned about the president going to war without congressional approval. The congressman, along with about 100 other House members, signed off on a letter asking the president to seek congressional approval before taking military action against Syria.

"The questions that we have for the president would be 'What happens after you do a strike?', 'What if they do another chemical attack?', 'What happens if Iran attacks Israel?', 'What's your endgame?', 'Will you do a second strike?', 'Will it be leading to boots on the ground?' Those are all very valid questions that should be answered," Congressman Harper pointed out.

The congressman also believes aiding the rebels could present its own set of challenges.

"Who are the players? Who are the good actors in Syria? If we help the rebels, the rebels are controlled by Al-Qaeda. That's our enemy," Congressman Harper said. "So what are we gaining?"

Congressman Harper says right now he fears the president's plan might be to move forward with a military strike without the input of Congress.