Cooler Temps Raise Safety Concerns

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Meridian, Miss.

The first big blast of frigid air this fall has arrived in east Mississippi and west Alabama. With the arrival of cold air comes a concern for fire safety.

Meridian fire marshal, Jason Collier, has concerns over people not knowing the proper ways to heat their homes during cold weather.

"We want to remind everyone to use space heaters wisely. They are supposed to be used temporarily, only for an hour or two," said Collier. "They are supposed to keep the space in which your body is sitting warm, not the entire house, not a room. Always be aware of where they are, and if you're not in the room with them, turn them off. Fire occurrences and fire deaths almost double in the winter due to heating and carbon monoxide poisoning. So now is definitely the time to be on guard."

Collier also mentions that you should never use your oven or stove to heat your home, as it can produce carbon monoxide.