Council Makes Move for Federal, State Grants

Meridian officials are hoping a new agreement will mean new federal and state money for the city in the future.

In a special meeting Tuesday, the city council voted to re-enter the county's hazardous mitigation program.

During the John Robert Smith administration, the city developed its own program. But officials say they've now realized doing that made them ineligible for certain state and federal grants.

The city hopes re-entering the county program will change that.

"One example of that, the new fire station we're building in the north part of the city, we have a proposal to put a civil defense or tornado alert siren on top of that building," said Dr. George Thomas, Ward 1 councilman. "We hope to get money for that through the hazardous mitigation program. So if we're part of the county, it's possible we can get money to pay for that siren to go on there."

The resolution now must be passed by the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors to go into effect. The board is expected to vote on it at its next meeting.