Council Members Comment on Police Policy

Meridian, Miss.

Two members of the Meridian City Council commented on the new policies of the police department in releasing information on crimes.

Ward 2 councilman, Dustin Markham, says he believes the mayor and police chief should bring the policy to the city council and allow the council to discuss and expound on it.

"I think as a citizen of Meridian, you have the right to know how safe your community is, where the crime is peaking, and what you can do to avoid that crime and those areas," said Markham.

Ward 5 councilman, Randy Hammon, says he thinks the criminals should not know specifics of ongoing investigations.

"I agree with them giving limited information," said Hammon. "I just think that we've been giving too much information, and I think they may have racked it on the other side."

Both councilmen said they do agree that people have a right to know if their neighborhoods have been targeted by burglaries.