Council Reacts to Police Chief Controversy

City Council President George Thomas says the council has received no official word on exactly what is going on with the police chief. Thomas says he's very concerned about the Equal Opportunity Officer's findings, but is also concerned on how little the council has been informed.

"The City Council officially has received no notification of any of this. We've seen it on your show. We read it in the paper. We've heard it discussed on radio shows. We hear it discussed on the streets, but as far as official notification of the council, there has been almost nothing done," Thomas says.

While the mayor has full power when it comes to disciplinary action of the chief, the Council holds power in policies. The city currently has a zero-tolerance policy regarding violence and harassment in the workplace. And Thomas says although the Council cannot extend disciplinary action, it can reallocate money within the budget.

"That's the only way that we have to control things. There was a situation in the past where an employee of the city was not doing what we thought they should have been doing. We removed the salary from the budget. That person did leave the city as an employee," he says.

The Equal Opportunity Officer's report came out in early February. Thomas says he thinks there has been more than enough time for action.

"If they need to be confirmed, denied, dealt with... The mayor said in his press conference, if it's necessary, things will be dealt with. I think six weeks is enough time to deal with it," he says.

Thomas says he's hoping there will be further discussion on what is going on in next Tuesday's Council meeting.