County Administrator Retires

Today marked the last official board meeting for two Lauderdale County administrators. Both Harris Wilder, who is the county's Road Manager, and County Administrator, Joe McCraney, are retiring this month. Praising both men for their efforts, supervisors credit McCraney with saving the county from tax increases during his four year tenure.

"Every fund we have is in the black," says District One Supervisor Hank Florey. "When he came in we were overall 7 mils behind to even get through in that one year."

"He told me that if you give me two years, I can get us out of the red, and I can get all of the funds back healthy, and all you'll need to do is manage your funds, and that's what we're doing today," says District Four Supervisor Joe Norwood.

"I don't know exactly what's next," says McCraney. "It's just going to be kind of a new phase in life. I'm going to just enjoy myself for the next couple of months."

Joe McCraney is 58. After 35 years of working with government affairs, he says that it's time for him to retire.