Couple Celebrates 73rd Anniversary

Meridian, Miss. A Meridian couple Friday marked an amazing milestone, 73 years of marriage.

Joe and Rachel Buie married in 1940. Joe is now 97. Rachel is 94.

They say their secrets to a successful union are love, understanding and patience.

Joe now lives at Infinity Hospice in Marion, but Rachel visits him every day.

Joe served in World War II as a pilot. He had also worked as a young man for Al and Fred Key, and was present for their historic endurance flight in 1935.

"I washed the wheels off on that Ole Miss several times," said Joe Buie. "Every time it went up all the oil in the plane just about came out. Fred was a daredevil of the bunch. And Al was a solemn boy."

Rachel Buie says younger people need to understand before they get married that it's a lifelong commitment. Joe Buie said the best thing about being married and having a disagreement is making up.