Courthouse Workers Concerned about Health

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The latest Grand Jury report says that Lauderdale County needs to take immediate action to fix problems in the county's courthouse.

Lauderdale County courthouse workers couldn't wait to show Newscenter 11 all of the mold inside an air conditioner on the first floor. Workers say they are afraid to even run the unit, but say sometimes they just don't have a choice. One worker says she goes through a bag of cough drops a week because of all of the mold in the air and on the walls. Tax collector Stanley Shannon says he would like to see some changes made.

"So overall, I think the structure is still sound," Shannon says. "I think it needs a face lift. I think it needs some cosmetic work done on it."

Shannon says the Lauderdale County supervisors have hired a consultant to look at making changes to the building. Workers say those changes can't come fast enough. In addition to the mold on walls and in staircases, there are stained ceiling tiles and walls. Over the weekend, parts of the ceiling actually fell out in the second floor of the courtroom.

"If the dust that's here, if that's a hazard and that could be eliminated, I think that would make conditions better," Shannon says.

He also says his office needs more space. He tells Newscenter 11 it is tough to serve taxpayers given the current set up.

We stopped by the Lauderdale County Supervisor's Office for reaction to this story. They are currently away on business in Washington, D.C.