Crash Survivor Shares Story

A local school that has dealt with a great deal of tragedy recently had someone come to talk to them about being responsible behind the wheel.

Dr. Adam Blomberg, a Florida anesthesiologist, suffered a traumatic brain injury in a vehicle crash when he was in high school. He talked to students about wearing seat belts, and not drinking and driving.

Two former Clarkdale students have died in car accidents this year, Blomberg said he hopes his story will prevent this type of tragedy.

"I was that invincible high school student," Blomberg said. "I was the invincible one that nothing could happen to. One split second changed my life. One split second of myself not putting on a seat belt almost ended my life. It changed my life forever."

Blomberg was a passenger in the wreck that caused his injuries. He stresses everyone in the vehicle, not just the driver, must wear seat belts.

The visit was sponsored by Mitchell Distributing in Meridian.