Crestwood Tunes in to Black History through Music

Meridian, Miss. Crestwood Elementary School presented a musical history lesson through its black history program Tuesday.

Students learned about African Americans who helped shape our musical culture, from spirituals to jazz, gospel to rock.

Students shared that music by singing, dancing and stepping to songs written and popularized by African Americans.

Principal Kimberly Kendrick says students are enriched by knowing some of the great music that came before their generation.

"Students are being introduced to greats like Cab Calloway, Myhalia Jackson, and Duke Ellington. These eras of music they don't listen to as much today," said Crestwood principal, Kimberly Kendrick. "But getting a chance to be exposed through our exploration in music."

Crestwood is also presenting the same program at 6 p.m. so families and the community can enjoy seeing the children perform.