Crime, Economy Headline City Council Forum

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Thursday night, voters had a chance to hear directly from the candidates about how they plan to guide the city of Meridian in to the future while battling a number of issues.

The city council forum follows a mayoral forum held earlier this week. Both had the same goal in mind, which is to put the voters and the candidates in the same room before the election. Nearly a dozen of the more than two dozen city council candidates took part in the forum at the Connor Young building on 26th Avenue. Newscenter 11's Andrea Williams and Jeff Burrowes served as moderators.

The Coalition of Community Leaders says the forum helps to inform voters before they cast their vote. The coalition tells Newscenter 11 that some of the topics of concern right now are crime and the economy.

"Those are two issues that really seem to be effecting the citizens of Meridian," according to William Brown with the Coalition of Community Leaders. "And in order for the citizens to have input and direction in which the city should go, it's important that they have input in this process."

Meridian's primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7th. The general election is set for Tuesday, June 4th.