Crime Still Concerning Local Residents

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Meridian, Miss. The recent number of shootings, armed robberies, burglaries, and other forms of crime definitely have residents in the Queen City on edge these days.

"As of right now, it is not the safest place," Joseph Roberts says. "The news stands as testimony to that with as many murders and crimes that pop up daily. I think we are heading towards safer times, but right now we are not as safe as we could be."

For people like Mike Pompelia, the crime problem seems more of a reality once it happens to you. He says someone fired gunshots into the side windows of his house on highland avenue this past week.

"To walk into a part of your house and see three gunshot holes in your windows makes you take it a little more serious," Pompelia says.

Authorities have made a number of suggestions in recent months to help people keep from being a victim of crime. Those include making sure your home and car doors are locked at all times. Keeping better track of youth has also been recommended. But residents say it doesn't stop there.

"I think if they established more substations around the city, they'd be able to keep a tighter wrap on our crime rate," Roberts feels.

"And I am making plans to put cameras around my home," Pompelia adds. "I have made a call to a company to install cameras."

Roberts is actually in the security system business and says with all of the crime the Queen City has seen, he's been staying busy.

"It is a very hot business," Roberts points out. "A lot more people are fearful for their protection and safety. They're wanting security to be more seen, more known about."

To keep up with crime in the community, you can visit and click on the arrest report, under the news tab on the homepage.