Cub Scouts Compete in Pinewood Derby

Meridian, Miss. More than 100 cub scouts across six counties traveled to Meridian Saturday for the annual Pinewood Derby competition.

Any cub scouts ages six to eleven can get involved. The scouts fashion their own cars for the event out of a wooden block. They then compete for first place in the races, as well as a design competition. Derby chairman Frank Polizzi says both the kids and their parents look forward to this competition for months.

"It becomes a family activity. So the kids and the parents get excited about the race and the design judging," Pollizi says. They just have a lot of fun with it. Pulls families together, and kids come out here and have a great time."

The Pinewood Derby competitions started in 1954 and have since spread all across the country. Cub scouts in this area have been participating in the competitions for more than 40 years.