Culinary Arts Program Serves Up Lunch

Members of Meridian-area media were treated to a lunch prepared by chefs-in-training Thursday.

Meridian Community College invited the media for a special meal prepared by students in the culinary arts program.

The students set up a model restaurant and served their own creations.

MCC president, Dr. Scott Elliott, says it's a great learning experience for the students and a good way to get the word out about the program:

"We think it has a strong nexus with the future of our community, really, with things like the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center coming to Meridian," said Elliott. "What we see, is there are going to be more and more opportunities for things like restaurants, hotel and motel restaurant management. And we want to do our part to produce some excellent entry-level employees for more industries into the future."

Meridian Community College offers 52 different career and technical programs.