Curry Addresses Choctaw Area Council Boy Scouts, Supporters

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Meridian, Miss. Local Boy Scouts and their supporters gathered Thursday for the Eagle Club Recognition Breakfast.

The Choctaw Area Council of Boy Scouts of America Eagle Club Recognition Breakfast was an opportunity for individuals to enroll as friends of scouting and to provide financial support to the scouting program and the 2,000 young people in East Mississippi and West Alabama.

Former Univ. of Alabama football coach and 2-time Super Bowl champion Bill Curry was guest speaker.

"We need scouting, and scouting's principles now more than we ever have in the history of this nation," said Curry. "So that's why I do things like this. I really enjoy the opportunity, and this is a great community. What I learned is that when you take on a sacred obligation, when you say' on my honor I will do my best to keep my word and to complete a mission', it becomes an obligation."

The 2-time SEC Coach of the Year gave a moving speech about never giving up, despite conflict and controversy. Curry says his goal was to educate and encourage.

"When we have an opportunity like this, we have a lot of community leaders here, it's important to explain to them exactly what scouting is," Curry said. "And for those who already know about scouting, to encourage them. Hang in there; everyone goes through controversy especially organizations that deal with young people in today's world. What people are inclined to do is to drop out and we can't have that."

Donations were also made at the breakfast that will go towards helping the Boy Scouts in our own community.

The Choctaw Area Council of the Boys Scouts is one of eight such organizations in Mississippi. It encompasses three different districts, which are located in both East Mississippi and West Alabama.