Cutting Down on Holiday Crime

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Meridian, Miss. With so many people out heading out for shopping, safety becomes a concern, shoppers can quickly turn into victims of robberies. Meridian Police Chief James Lee says he intends to keep crime this holiday season under wraps. His plan is simple, step up patrols.

"The plan is real simple, anyone who works for this police department with a badge and gun will be working. All the malls, the Wal-Marts, the stores in the city of Meridian will be covered. One of Mayor Bland's initiatives is a clean city, safe city," said Meridian Police Chief James Lee.

Mayor Percy Bland offers these tips to keep you safe while you're out shopping.

"Remember to lock your car doors, don't leave your keys in your doors and just be safe. Be aware and conscious... Be conscious and aware of your surroundings," said Meridian Mayor Percy Bland.

With the police showing a heavy presence in shopping areas, what will happen to the high crime areas of the city? Chief Lee says that his plan ensures all areas are covered.

"What we've done is we will hold the normal patrol patterns, but with everyone coming in and everyone working the holidays, we want to make sure the city is safe. We'll have more than enough officers out on the streets to patrol our normal patterns and the heavily visited patterns like our stores and malls and things like that," said Chief Lee.

Chief Lee also reminds everyone that if you see something suspicious, say something, by calling the police.

You can call 311 to report any suspicious activity in Meridian. You can also call the Meridian Police Department at 601-485-1893.