Decatur Veterans Parade Stresses Importance of Freedom

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Hundreds filled the streets of Decatur on Saturday as the city partnered with East Central Community College for the first Veterans Day parade in more than a decade.

Veterans of World War II and the Korean Conflict received special recognition at this year's event and were part of the parade lineup, along with ECCC'S Wall of Sound Marching Band and several area high school bands. Families, friends, military, and city officials recognized the importance of our freedom and the ones who fought for our freedom.

"Its an emotional event and I don't think we realized how emotional it would be," Decatur resident Jackie Etie said. "Until we saw the Korean War and World War II Veterans loading up on the float here today, just the sacrifices they have made for our freedom, that's what its all about."

"We cannot forget what freedom is all about," retired Brigadier General Billy Pierce said. "If it were not for Veterans, for the people who wear the uniforms, we would not be as free as we are today. And our emphasis today is on of course all Veterans, mainly World War II and Korean Vets, and that is the generation."

A Veterans Day parade is planned in downtown Meridian on Sunday at 3:00 p.m.