Dekalb Celebrates July 4th

Kemper County, Mississippi Rain showers did not stop the Independence Day celebrations in Dekalb on Thursday morning.

Locals turned out on the courthouse lawn for our country's birthday. The Sonny Montgomery Patriot Award is given to one person each year by the Kemper County Chamber of Commerce. This year's recipient is Everett Earl McShepard. McShepard shared a bit of what helped shape his character.

"One thing that has stood out in my life was an old sergeant telling me, "McShepard, it is best to be part of something than a part of nothing," McShepard recalls. "And if you decide to be a part of something, give it everything with both barrels, give it everything you got. That always stuck with me, and that was some 30 years ago."

The Kemper County High School ROTC presented and raised the flag. The local FVW was on hand for the wreath laying ceremony for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.