Democratic Party Seeking to Stop Patton

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A local mayoral candidate says he plans to fight affidavits that have been filed, seeking to remove him from the Meridian mayoral race.

Independent Walter Patton tells Newscenter 11 the documents have no basis and that his name isn't even spelled right on the forms. Melba Clark, head of the Democratic Party, says this was a decision by the Democratic Municipal Election Committee. Clark tells us that Patton tricked members of the Democratic Party in to signing a document, supporting him in the race for mayor. Patton says that is not the case.

"And I can't understand why we have people who are supposed to be so intelligent," Patton says. "That when they signed the affidavits, my name is listed as Walker Patton. My name is not Walker Patton. So the affidavits are not worth the paper they are written on."

Clark does not wish to be interviewed on-camera by Newscenter 11 about this issue.