Demolition Program Starts Again Soon

Almost 300 abandoned, dilapidated houses have been torn down since Lauderdale County and the City of Meridian entered into an agreement eight years ago.

The new list for demolition consists of 87 additional structures. Lauderdale County has purchased nine new dump trucks to facilitate the work.

Officials estimate that, with the additional trucks, they'll be able to tear down more than a half dozen houses per day.

"That's why we're going to take all of our resources and put them toward removing houses," said Joe Norwood, Dist. 4 supervisor. "If we've got two track hoe operators out there, we should be able to tear ten houses a day down easy. Our problem now is going to be making sure that we have enough drivers and I think the city is going to come in and help with that."

According to District 2 supervisor Wayman Newell, almost 65 percent of the houses that are slated for demolition on the new list are within his district.

"Well, certainly any time that you make an improvement in an area, then it is an improvement in life," said Newell. "Hopefully, somebody will maybe look at it (properties) for a convenience store or for a Dollar General, if it's so adequate in those zones. And I don't have the zones in front of me, but anything would help in that area."

With the new dump trucks scheduled to arrive later this week, supervisors project that demolition will resume next week.

The inter-local demolition effort started in 2004. To date, approximately 278 structures have been demolished.