Deputies, Emergency Responders Report 'Wild' Night

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Lauderdale County law enforcement said Tuesday night was one of the strangest in quite some time.

When it was all said and done, 30-year-old Anthony L. Tew and 27-year-old Robin Davenport Milstead were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

But those arrests were maybe the least of the activity at Kelly Mobile Home Park at Highway 496 and Dees Road.

A fire was probably the most visible incident. But it was far from the only thing happening on what can only be described as a wild and bizarre night.

Officials said about 8:30 p.m., authorities were called to the location on a report of a missing five- year-old.

When law enforcement arrived, authorities discovered the child was fine and with a grandparent. But they say the parents who reported it were in possession of marijuana. They were arrested.

That's when the fire was noticed at a vacant trailer in the back part of the lot.

"The fire is suspicious, and it is being investigated at this time," said Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun.

If that wasn't enough, at that moment another woman at the mobile home park went into labor. Fortunately, there were plenty of people on scene to help her.

"The good thing to come out of this is that our community responded quickly when a call was put out for help to the fire departments, as well as LEMA responded," Calhoun said.

One more person was taken into custody during this wild scene. Investigators say they received a report of a man exposing himself to residents there. The man who was taken in was not immediately charged.

Bond for Tew and Milstead was set at $500 each.

Anthony Tew
Robin Davenport Milstead