Devastating Fire Leaves Family Homeless

One family in Bailey has lost everything in a devastating fire. The fire began around 9:30 Tuesday night on Cook Rd., but it wasn't long before the blaze had completely devoured their home. The homeowner's sister, who lives next door, says her brother, his wife and their two children were home at the time, and she's just thankful they were all able to escape with their lives.

"I thank God they got out," the homeowner's sister Debra Brown says. "They didn't get hurt. Both of their little puppies got burnt up, but I thank God they still was safe. It could have been worse, but they did lose everything they had because it burned it completely to the ground."

Brown says this fire began as simply an accident. One of the children was playing with matches.

"My grandbaby told me that my little nephew was playing with a stuffed animal and he was starting a fire playing with matches, and when he caught the little stuffed animal on fire, he threw it down," she says. "It got too hot."

He was too frightened to tell anyone what had happened. Thankfully, Brown says her grandson was near the home when the fire began. . . And he acted as a true hero last night, getting everyone to safety.

"I just went in there basically, and got the kids out," the fire victim's nephew Anthony Williams says. "Got the water hose and started spraying everything off."

His quick thinking likely saved his grandmother's home. They sprayed the home with a water hose when the fire started to spread. Soon, several firefighters were on the scene from the Bailey and North Lauderdale volunteer fire departments, and they were able to save Brown's home.

"I just thank God for all the volunteers that we do have," Capt. Billy Guin of Bailey Station 1 says. "We give our time, and it's just what God called us to do, serve the community, and we try to do that."

The family is currently being assisted by the Red Cross.