Dirty Water Still Posing Problems

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Lauderdale County, Mississippi Some local water customers are still dealing with discolored water, while others say they are seeing an improvement.

One customer tells Newscenter 11 she has not had any dirty water since the North Lauderdale Water Association hosted a meeting a couple of weeks ago to address the ongoing problems. However, several other North Lauderdale Water customers have contacted Newscenter 11 to say they continue to see dirty water and in some cases, they have no water at all.

These residents tell us they are also having to change their water filters more often, which is costing them more money. Jennifer Jones has clean water now, but is not letting her guard down.

"Oh, definitely not everything's okay," Jones stresses. "Everybody should have clean water. We're not living in a third world country where we should be drinking brown and yellow water. We need to be clean for everybody and there's no way that stuff is safe. At that meeting, they asked them to drink some of that water that somebody brought and they refused. Well, there's a reason why they refused."

North Lauderdale Water Association manager Lynn Pratt was not available to speak with Newscenter 11 on-camera on Thursday, but said the water is clearing and there are fewer instances of dirty water in the area.