Distinguished Young Women Chairmen Review Year's Competition

The 2015 Distinguished Young Woman of Mississippi was just chosen a few weeks ago, but the work isn't over for those behind the scenes.

The chairmen across the state from each area where local competitions are held came together for a meeting this morning. There are 30 local chairmen. This is a chance for those chairmen to review the year's competition. They bounce ideas off each other and search for ways to improve DYW.

"It's important jus so we can have that communication between all the local programs itself," DYW state chairman Sid Wilkinson says. "When you spread out all over Mississippi, that communication has to have a channel, and this is a way we try to facilitate that communication throughout the state and grow the program. "

This meeting only happens once a year. Wilkinson says they consider it a "year in review." Each year they try to determine the best process to follow and how to make the experience better for the young women involved.