Doctors Address Concern about Meningitis Scare

An outbreak of meningitis in at least ten states that has been linked to a steroid solution contaminated by fungus has caused concern for local patients and their doctors.

But physicians at Total Pain Care in Meridian say Mississippi and Alabama patients do not need to worry.

Doctors Eric Pearson and Ken Staggs say that none of the solution used here came from the New England Compounding Pharmacy involved in the scare, but directly from the manufacturer.

Total Pain's physicians say the injections are safe.

"It's important to realize that epidural steroid injections are very important for control and treatment of chronic and acute back pain," said Dr. Staggs. "And it's not about the epidural or the steroid. In addition, we want folks out there to know if you're having a baby and you need an epidural for that purpose of childbirth, it's completely safe and has nothing to do with it."

Millions of patients across the country are able to manage their pain through steroid shots, which doctors say are safe when done correctly with sterile drugs.