Domestic Fight Leads to Double Homicide

Cuba, Ala. Sumter County deputies rushed to Cuba, Alabama on Friday night to respond to what they thought was a simple domestic disturbance. A girl called in asking for assistance after her ex-boyfriend slapped her. But it wasn't long before the situation turned even more violent.

"About 12 minutes later, we received another call that they needed an ambulance that someone had been shot, so at that time, the whole strip flipped," Sheriff Tyrone Clark says. "We had to get ambulance service en route, as well as first responders. Upon arrival, our officers learned that two individuals had been shot."

Investigators determined that the girl's current boyfriend, 24-year-old Sylvester Ford of Porterville, and ex-boyfriend, 36-year-old Rashun Brewster of Toomsuba, got into an argument. One of the two had a gun, which they both managed to use to shoot each other. Ambulances rushed the men to the hospital, but they were both pronounced dead on arrival... making this case a double-homicide. The Sheriff's Dept. is waiting on autopsy results to learn more about their injuries and move forward with the investigation.

"Basically, we just got to make a determination where the gun came from, who had it," he says. "Like I said, right now, we're in the early stages."

Sheriff Clark says the girl is physically okay, other than an abrasion to her face from the slap, but she is still recovering emotionally.

"She's facing a little trauma right now. She was very distraught," he explains. "Especially, after she learned that the two were deceased after the shooting occurred."

Authorities are still trying to learn more about exactly what lead to the death of these two men.