Downtown Cleanup Effort

Locals are being asked to take part in a downtown cleanup effort in Meridian. It will take place Saturday, October 26th from 8 AM until 11 AM. The target area for cleanup is from 29th. Avenue to ACME Plaza.

"Just bring yourselves," says Meridian Main Street intern, Malley Scarbrough. "We'll have the gloves, trash bags and they're called 'litter getters,' to pick up the trash."

"This is important because it is part of the way that we perceive our downtown," says Kenny Watts, who is the president for the Meridian Main Street Board. "If it's littered, people think of it differently than when it's clean, and it's just an effort to take some ownership in our downtown."

All volunteers are asked to meet at the Meridian Main Street office at 2120 Main Street at 8 AM. Donuts and coffee will be served.