Downtown Developments

According to the Community Development Director for the City of Meridian, John McClure, the Texas based owner of the old Value Fair Mall property which leads into downtown is currently shopping for tenants.

"It's such a monumental project; it's so big that they'll need to get their anchors in place, and then start fleshing out from there for the rest of the development."

According to McClure, a tenant search is also being done by the local development company that recently bought the vacant Sears building, which sits near the old mall.

"They're trying to determine what's going to be the highest and best use for them."

As for downtown, McClure says negotiations to determine the fate of Meridian's tallest building are continuing. In fact, he says competitive negotiations are currently underway between city officials, and the top developer who they want to see bring new life to the building.

"We've been exchanging various documents, trying to develop the terms of the deal and so on," says McClure. "We would hope that we're going to come to terms with them, and move forward with their development, but in the event that for whatever reason that doesn't work out then we'll drop down to our second choice, and they were also very viable."

McClure says it could be another three months or longer before city officials can officially announce a final deal on the Threefoot project. Meanwhile, he says bids are set to start soon to address flooding concerns within the area surrounding that building.