Downtown Development Long-Range Plan

A deadline concerning one of Meridian's most historic buildings is quickly approaching. Next Friday is the deadline for developers to submit their proposal for the Threefoot Building to city officials. Mayor Percy Bland says that the building's future is just one part of a much larger plan for development in downtown.

"We currently have about $84 or $85 million in projects that we foresee happening over the next two year period already within a mile or mile and a half to two mile radius from city hall," says Bland. "That's huge!"

Some of the projects that Mayor Bland is referring to include those for new housing downtown, and others for MSU Meridian and the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center.

Then of course there's the historic Threefoot Building which is vacant. We could find out its fate within the next two months.

About a half dozen developers who have expressed interest in the building have been given a deadline of February 28th to submit their proposal for the structure to city officials.

"They're serious guys, and they're also developers who have done projects similar to the Threefoot in other states," says Mayor Bland. "We feel comfortable if they put the right proposal together that they can actually take over the building and actually get something done that will be a statement for this city."

"We hope that within a month to two months we will have found somebody to take on the project. Keep your fingers crossed on that now," says Community Development Director, John McClure.

Another plan that's in the works is establishing a medical corridor in downtown. This is a task which the mayor has assigned to newly appointed Chief Administrative Officer, Mike McGrevey to spearhead.

"The city and both hospitals, and also Mississippi Power have started to put together money so that we can formulate our plan," says Mayor Bland.

City officials intend to work with the Montgomery Institute in developing the comprehensive plan for the medical corridor. At this time there's not an official target date to complete that task.