Dozens Attend First Community Prayer

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Friday evening was the first of what some are hoping will become a permanent fixture, community prayer.

Dozens of Meridian residents gathered on the steps of City Hall for a special prayer service aimed at curbing crime and bringing unity to the community. The service was organized by Meridian Mayor Cheri Barry, along with Meridian residents Cynthia Griffin and Keyani McNeil. Organizers say prayer is the obvious solution to the community's problems.

"Crime is going up, the problems are getting worse," Lamorris Richardson with Love City Church says. "We've tried all the man-made tools to get it done. But, we need God. The bible says, if we would pray, that God would heal our land. So, we want the city, our land blessed. And it's going to take everybody in our community to make that happen."

Coincidentally, a second prayer is scheduled for Sunday at 4:00 p.m. in Dumont Plaza.