Drive-By Shooting, MPD Lacks Evidence for Charges

Meridian, Miss. Meridian police responded to a call for several shots fired Monday night in the 3800 block of 35th Avenue. Around seven or eight shots were fired, but nothing was hit, and no one was injured. The caller described the car the shots were fired from as a blue vehicle with a broken back window.

"Due to that description and our response, we were able to stop the car just a short time after the call came in," Lt. John Griffith says. "When we stopped the car, we didn't find any guns in the car or anything like that, that would connect it back."

It's a disheartening scenario, that leaves police with many questions they can't answer.

"Did they get rid of the gun before we got to them, or is it a case of where the witness looks up and that's the first car they see, and it may not have actually been the car doing the shooting?" asked Griffith.

Lt. Griffith says because a shooting within the city like this is a misdemeanor crime, and they did not have sufficient evidence, officers were not able to arrest any of its occupants.

"It's frustrating, especially when we have so much of it going on. You'd like to make an arrest on it, so you can say, 'Look, we're doing something'," he said. "It's frustrating because it's not necessarily hard to make that arrest, but we've got to have certain things there to make that arrest."

The MPD is able to store all information about that vehicle and its occupants in its database, which could be beneficial for future use. That means if there is another call involving this vehicle, the authorities will have information to go on.

"That's not to say it's going to be the same people, but it gives us a starting point," Griffith said.