DuPree Declares Victory in Special Election

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Hattiesburg, Miss. Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree has declared himself the winner of a special election.

After affidavit ballots were tallied Saturday at Hattiesburg City Hall, DuPree had received 7,512 votes to 7,305 votes for independent challenger Dave Ware.

DuPree and Ware, along with Shawn O'Hara, faced off in a special mayoral election Tuesday. Specially appointed Judge William Coleman ordered the special election after problems were revealed in the June 4 contest.

In the general election, DuPree led Ware by 37 votes. Ware, a former member of Hattiesburg City Council, challenged the results.

The tallying of the votes, including absentee and affidavit, took almost five days.

DuPree has remained in office as mayor while the election debate was sorted out. He was running for a fourth term as mayor.