DuPree Talks Bryant, Pardon Controversy

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With Governor Phil Bryant having only been sworn in as Mississippi's Governor just a few weeks ago, Bryant's former opponent Johnny DuPree says he has yet to actually grade Governor Bryant on his performance.

"I think that needs to be left to other people to do that," DuPree says. "We have talked though in the last couple of weeks and we've talked about how we can make the state a better place to live."

DuPree tells Newscenter 11 that he and his wife pray for the Magnolia state everyday and that they wish Governor Bryant nothing but success in leading the state forward.

"That means our communities and our counties and cities in the state will be successful," he feels. "And we'd be doing well. So we pray that he does well."

But DuPree says one thing that has not made the state look good is the recent pardon controversy.

"Now I'm not saying good or bad about pardons or no pardons," he stresses. "That's not really what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about, the way Mississippi is portrayed across the United States."

And he tells us he does not agree with efforts made by Republican lawmakers to strip Attorney General Jim Hood of some of his power, saying the constitution gives the Attorney General the power of representing the state in legal matters.