Dunlap Especially Thankful This Thanksgiving

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Meridian nurse Candi Dunlap and her husband Marc were reminded just how thankful they are for their family and friends on Thanksgiving.

The Dunlap's celebrated the holiday at a friend's home and were extremely grateful to be there and not still in Macedonia. Candi was jailed there for several weeks after trying to leave the country with a rare set of coins. A Macedonian judge recently released her from custody and allowed her to return home.

"I'm so thankful for everybody and everything, all my family and friends," Candi Dunlap said on Thanksgiving Day. "It's hard to explain how much you don't think about what you have until it could be gone. I have the best family and friends, the best community ever, and I could never be more thankful for every one of them."

Last week, Dunlap became a grandmother. Her son and daughter-in-law welcomed a child.