E-Filing Coming to Lauderdale County

Meridian, Miss.
The Lauderdale County Bar Association discussed the county's implementation of an electronic filing system for court records Wednesday.

Work on the e-filing system is expected to start first in Lauderdale County Chancery Court, with a possible expansion to circuit court.

The system will allow attorneys to electronically file pleadings and documents in their cases instead of having to take them to the clerk's office.

"It's a much more efficient system. It allows an attorney to make filings any time from their office without the need of ever printing a piece of paper if they so choose," said Clint Pentecost, counsel for the Mississippi Supreme Court. "For the clerk's office, it allows them to cut down on storage costs, for one thing. Costs of books and things of that nature that they have on an ongoing basis that, once it's electronic, they no longer have to deal with."

E-filing is expected to begin in Lauderdale County in early 2014.