Retired ECCC Educator Speaks on Behalf of Smithsonian

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Decatur, Miss. For the past month, East Central Community College has featured the traveling Smithsonian Exhibit on its campus. The exhibit is entitled "The Way We Worked" focuses on why we work and the needs that our jobs fulfill. As part of the exhibit, retired East Central educator Ovid Vickers gave a presentation on work through arts, literature and music.

"Today I delivered the last of four lectures that were given here at the college as a part of a traveling exhibit on work and the way we work," said Vickers.

The presentation held in the Gold Room of the Mabry Memorial Cafeteria, was attended by several faculty and staff of the college. During the lecture that Vickers gave, he spoke to the crowd about how work is important to our everyday life.

"In every profession, the underlying theme regardless of the profession is work," said Vickers. "It takes work to produce, it takes work to create, it takes work for people to live and to enjoy a subsistence that they can enjoy."

Vickers retired from teaching almost 20 years ago and for several years has spoken to groups across the state as a member of the Speakers' Bureau of the Mississippi Humanities council and was honored to speak as part of the exhibit.

"It's been a great opportunity to speak here today. I've been retired since 1995 and it's encouraging to know that I still have an invitation to speak to an audience after all these years."

The traveling Smithsonian Exhibit will be at East Central in the Gordon Room of Mabry Memorial Cafeteria until March 28th.