EMBDC Videos

The East Mississippi Business Development Corporation is officially debuting its newest promotional videos. At Tuesday's Business Before Hours in Meridian those in attendance were shown the EMBDC's new Quality of Life Video. Anyone can view it on the EMBDC's website. Also available there is a three minute video that provides a virtual tour of the building which formerly housed Handy Hardware.

"This is a good marketing tool," says EMBDC President, Wade Jones."In fact, yesterday I received a call from a realtor who had an interest expressed from another party of looking at the old Handy Hardware building. So, I used the website, and directed the realtor to the website with hopes that that will generate enough interest to get a visit, so that we can work through the process, but it will take many, many considerations from prospective companies."

The two videos are being used to attract economic development projects to East Mississippi. Both can be viewed at embdc.org.