EMCF Correctional Officer Arrested

DeShaun Teriel Carter
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A correctional officer at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility has been arrested. DeShaun Teriel Carter was taken into custody by the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department.

Investigators say it all started when the correctional officer rented a car and then failed to return it. Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie tells Newscenter 11 the rental company seized the vehicle and discovered items worth notifying authorities about. Sollie says the East Mississippi Drug Task Force was notified and later discovered 8 ounces of marijuana, 19 ounces of tobacco, 12 hacksaw blades, and a 3G phone.

"Based on our investigation, we do believe that all of these items had an intended target of inside MTC," Sollie points out.

Sollie says it does not appear any of the items found in the car actually made inside the correctional facility. It is unclear at this time what exactly motivated carter to commit this act. Sheriff Sollie says unfortunately, this type of incident happens more often than some people might think.

"The inmates inside have nothing to do but think of ways to manipulate and con correctional staff into doing things they know they should," Sollie explains. "And know they're going to jail if they do, but some of them still do it anyway."

The sheriff tells us the narcotics will be sent to the crime lab while the other items will be saved for a Grand Jury. Sollie says Carter has been terminated from the prison since his arrest and is currently out on a $20,000 bond. His arrest record indicates he has faced misdemeanor charges in the past.