EMCF Worker Charged with Sexual Battery

Autumn Wedgeworth
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Lauderdale County, Miss. Lauderdale County authorities have charged a prison worker for allegedly having sex with an inmate.

Autumn Wedgeworth is the woman Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says has been charged with sexual battery. Calhoun tells Newscenter 11 the sheriff's department arrested Wedgeworth after Management and Training Corporation discovered Wedgeworth was allegedly having sex with an inmate. It's unknown exactly how this alleged activity was uncovered.

"Can't comment to the investigation itself," Calhoun explains. "However, it is a violation of state statute for an employee, a correctional officer, any employee involved, or who has supervision over an inmate of any kind, any type of detainee, to have any type of sexual relations with that inmate."

Calhoun says while this type of activity is not exactly uncommon in prisons, it also doesn't happen every day.

"We see it across the state and across the United States," Calhoun points out. "Where you have individuals who are in charge of someone who they are in custody or in charge of. We see it with school teachers, we have seen it lately with that. We've seen it with correctional officers, law enforcement officers."

Wedgeworth's employment status with the prison is unknown at this time. But Calhoun says based on the investigation, deputies believe the alleged activity did take place.

"And now we'll put it within the hands of the judicial system to carry forth in the prosecution," Calhoun adds.

Wedgeworth has bonded out of the Lauderdale County Detention Facility on a $10,000 bond. Her case will be presented to the next available Lauderdale County Grand Jury.