EMEPA Prepares for Winter Weather

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Meridian, Miss. With a major winter storm threatening, EMEPA is not leaving anything to chance. The power company has ordered all hands on deck, and have all its crews and trucks on stand by. Some forecasts are calling for up to an inch of ice in Northern locations, and EMEPA is preparing for a worst case scenario with this most recent round of winter weather. "In preparation for the possible ice heading this way, we have crews and equipment on stand-by and ready to respond as necessary," said Communications Manager Julie Boles. "We do expect the worst of the ice to be in our Northern area in Winston and Kemper counties, but we are prepared in all four counties if necessary."

With more than 50 trucks at it's disposal, EMEPA can quickly and efficiently get power back up and running. Boles says the speed at which everything is back online depends on the severity of the outage, as well as the storm, making sure that safety comes first.
"The amount of time it takes for restoration really depends on the severity and number of outages we have," explained Boles. "Our crews are ready to respond immediately day or night. So typically we can get everyone back up pretty quickly. Of course the more ice we see the more hazardous the road conditions are and safety is our number one priority followed by quick response."

With the trucks gassed up, and the equipment on stand-by, the only thing they can do now is to wait for the calls to come in.